Tri Wall Packing Materials

Tri-Wall provides a wide range of corrugated packaging materials from single wall to its market leading AAA triple wall. Using the strongest papers and specialized processes it produces the highest quality corrugated packaging designed to meet the requirements for export packaging.

Triplewall – Four flat facings of liner with three interleaved and glued corrugated mediums.
Doublewall – Three flat facings of liner with two interleaved and glued corrugated mediums.
Laminated – Two or three sheets of corrugated board (triplewall or doublewall) glued together to form a thicker structure.


Tri-wall pak and Bi-wall pak is the brand name of Tri-wall, but they are only part of Tri-wall corrugated products. Tri-wall is able to make a wide range of corrugated materials. No matter it is single wall, double wall or triple wall, or normal RSC, elegantly printed box or complicated die cut box, Tri-wall will make satisfactory products for customers.

Environment Friendly

This environment friendly material is being made from paper. All the paper comes from Sustainability managed forests and has particular value in the paper fiber cycle because of its long, virgin fibers which are the foundations of recycled paper.