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Importance of Safety Measures for Transportation of Cargo

May 6, 2021

Cargo is transported through land, air, or water which requires special care and attention to safety in order to ensure prevention of human, material, or financial loss, damage, and contamination of cargo. Depending on the type of cargo, different cargo handling and securing equipment are used to hold shipments in place while cargo handling or…

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Heat Shrink Wrapping

Pros and Cons of Heat Shrink Wrapping

Apr 28, 2021

Heat shrink wrap, also known as heat shrink film, is one of the most popular shrink packaging materials used in the world. As the name suggests, the packaging material shrinks around the product when exposed to heat and provides a layer of protection during transit and storage. Advantages of heat shrink wrapping Made of polymer plastic film,…

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5 Benefits of Transporting Cars in Containers

Apr 7, 2021

A significant number of vehicles manufactured around the world is exported to other countries. By far, sea transportation is the most preferred mode for global transport of vehicles. Traditionally, cars and heavy vehicle shipping are done through roll-on-roll-off ferries (RORO) or car-and-truck carriers. Vehicles are driven directly onto the RORO vessel and secured to the…

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Honeycomb packaging

Honeycomb Packaging and Its Uses

Apr 4, 2021

Consumers are increasingly becoming environment-friendly and prefer being associated with brands that use sustainable packaging for their products. Nearly 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. Besides reducing carbon footprint, using eco-friendly packaging helps a brand in establishing its public image as a responsible organization. It also gives the brand an…

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5 Benefits of Using Corrugated Packaging

Mar 31, 2021

Consumers always expect quick and safe delivery of their goods whether it is from an online shop or a brick-and-mortar store. Good packaging not only ensures safe delivery of the product but also promotes brand identity and increased sales for the seller. With global online sales expected to be over $5.5 trillion in 2023, corrugated…

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