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Heavy Duty Wooden Packaging Boxes for Industrial Purposes

Our team of packing experts and engineers can help you save money and secure your cargo with innovative industrial wooden box packing solutions.

Tailor-made Wooden Box Packing Solutions

We are a trusted provider of heavy duty, tailor-made wooden packaging boxes for industrial purposes. The wooden boxes are custom designed by our engineering team (as per your packing requirements) and manufactured by our fully equipped in-house manufacturing team and delivered to your preferred site.

Our wooden boxes for export packing are especially designed to secure your cargo. Further, our trained packing crew can assist you with packing of the cargo with these wooden packaging boxes based on your time-frame.

Wooden Pallets With Onsite Packaging:

In addition to wooden boxes, we also design and manufacture customized wooden packing pallets with capacities close to 50 tons. These wooden pallets are designed by our in-house team of experts after considering various factors like cargo structure, CoG, shipping mode and cost effectiveness.

While palletizing, we pay special attention to securing the cargo as it plays an important role to ensure transport and handling worthiness.

Industrial Grade Wooden Box Packing:

We consider the below factors while coming up with industrial wooden box packing solutions: 

  1. Size and weight of the items: It's important to understand the size and weight of the items to be transported and then design the wooden boxes to ensure that the items fit properly and are not damaged during transportation. We also make sure that the wooden packaging boxes can support the weight of any additional packaging material.
  2. Protection and cushioning: To protect and secure the items during transportation, we use cushioning material such as foam, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts. This helps prevent any damage that may be caused by impact, vibration, or shock.
  3. Labeling and marking: To ensure that the wooden boxes are handled properly (without causing any damage to the packed items) during transportation and cargo, we label them with correct markings and instructions. This helps in avoiding any confusion, ensures that the items stay intact inside wooden boxes, and are delivered to the correct destination.
  4. Compliance with regulations: We make sure that the wooden packaging boxes and every additional packaging material comply with relevant regulations and standards for the industry and region in which they will be used.
  5. ISPM 15 compliance: We make sure that wooden boxes for export packing comply with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15). To achieve this, we heat-treat or fumigate all our wooden boxes to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.
  6. Easy to handle: We make sure that our wooden packaging boxes are relatively easy to handle so they can be easily stacked and transported using forklifts or pallet jacks.

Skeleton Crating:

We also provide skeleton crating solutions. It is an ideal option when the visibility of a packed cargo matters during shipping for reasons like customs inspection or easy identification. This option is also a cost-effective industrial wooden packing solution compared to a fully closed wooden box.

wooden boxes and skeleton crating
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