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Spreader Beams for Lifting Heavy Cargo Containers

Lifting 20Ft & 40Ft containers for cargo and transportation is easy with our heavy duty spreader beams and container spreaders.

Semi-Automatic Container Spreaders for Industrial Purposes

We provide semi-automatic container spreader beams for lifting 20Ft and 40Ft ISO containers. The beams and spreaders are available for both sale and rent. Manufactured from high quality steel and components, the spreader beams provide robust and reliable operations in demanding container terminal environments.

These container spreaders are fixed to the hooks of gantry, bridge and portal cranes. Twist lock control is carried out mechanically by means of special rope pulling. Hooking/unhooking is carried out without the help of crane workers in these spreader beams.

The container spreaders are simple and convenient to install that allow converting from hook crane to container crane in a short time.

There is no need to arrange power supply for the spreader beams and to update the crane control circuit.

The spreader beam’s twist locks change their position when the upper slings perform a complete upward elevation movement, and only when all landing pins are completely introduced.

These spreaders are equipped with a torque limitation system to prevent locking twist locks in blocked ISO corners and protect transmissions from overstrain.

Finally, the container spreaders are easy to maintain, and they are supplied with a complete set of usage and maintenance instructions.

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