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Secure Your Cargo With Professional Sea Fastening Solutions

Our lashing experts ensure safe and secured delivery of your cargo with professional sea fastening and container lashing solutions.

Container and Flat Rack Lashing for Odd Size Cargo

We offer professional container lashing and sea fastening solutions for odd size cargo which are shipped in box containers and flat racks.

Container lashing is carried out using a combination of materials which are calculated based on the dimensions and weight of the cargo. Also, the fastening is done by trained and experienced crew.

Sea fastening secures the cargo on a vessel so that it can withstand the rigors of transportation through sea. This includes securing cargo to the deck of a ship, using container lashing methods to prevent containers from shifting during rough seas, and adding additional reinforcement to the ship's structure to handle the weight and movement of the cargo. 

Proper sea fastening is crucial for ensuring that cargo arrives safely and in good condition at its destination. This results in cost savings for shippers and clients. Furthermore, secure cargo is less likely to cause damage to the vessel or to other cargo on the vessel, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

We use various materials for sea fastening. Primary materials include lashings, chains, cables, turnbuckles and shackles. Other materials used in sea fastening include timber dunnage, which is used to prevent cargo from rolling or shifting, blocking and bracing materials, such as steel beams or timber supports that strengthen and secure the cargo, and securing points and tie-downs, which provide anchor points for securing the cargo.

Every sea fastening case has different requirements based on the type and size of the cargo, size and configuration of the vessel, and the expected weather and sea conditions. Therefore, our solutions for every requirement are also different and customized accordingly.

We can carry out container lashing on mafi trailers, flat racks or low bed trailers.

container and flat racks lashing
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