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Aluminum Foil Barrier and Vacuum Packing

Aluminum foil barrier packaging works on the principle of climatic packaging. The aluminum foil barrier acts as barrier to the entry of moisture inside the packaging. It is sealed properly to ensure that outside atmospheric moisture is not able to reach the metallic surfaces inside the packaging.



Aluminium foil barrier is used for the protection of machines, precision tools, components etc. against moisture and corrosion during sea transport and during storage. The climate inside the packaging is vaccumized to reduce the quantum of the moisture and the air.



  • Very low water vapour transmission rate property of aluminium foil barrier does not allow moisture to enter the packaging if properly sealed.
  • High tear and bursting strength makes aluminium foils barrier  durable and strong.
  • Corrosion is kept at bay by maintaining humidity level below 40 RH
  • Top in its class for protection against moisture, oxygen transmission, corrosion, physical damage, odour transfer, UV radiation and chemicals.
  • Overall cost reduction by way of reduced desiccant/preservatives, packing case cost and rejections due to corrosion and spoilage of packed products.
aluminium barrier (vacuum) packing
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