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Car Lashing Solutions to Secure Your Cars During Transportation

Protect your vehicles from moving and causing damage during shipping and transportation with our car lashing solutions.

Tailormade Vehicle Lashing Solutions

Pronk Multiservice provides bespoke car lashing and securing for luxury and standard cars for shipping in closed box containers. Our trained crew uses custom designed lashing belts and other lashing equipment to perform such operations so that your valuable cargo is secured for every kind of voyage and transportation.

Car lashing is the process of securing and fastening cars inside box containers which would then rest on flatbed trailers or any other type of transporter for safe transportation. This is usually done to prevent the vehicle from moving and causing damage during transit.

We use multiple equipment for car lashing including ratchet tie down straps, car lashing belts, wheel chokers, soft tie straps, etc.

Safety Measures While Car Lashing:

  1. Ensure that the flatbed truck or transporter is in good condition before lashing the vehicles.

  2. Check the weight capacity of the trailer and make sure that the vehicle is within the limits.

  3. Make sure that the lashing equipment is sturdy and in good condition before use.

  4. Follow manufacturer guidelines for securing the load, and ensure that the lashing equipment is secured and tightened to prevent load shift during transit.
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