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Packing, Lashing and Lifting Material for Cargo

We provide high quality packing, lifting and lashing material to secure your cargo during shipping and transport.

Packing Material Online

We provide high quality packing materials that can be used to protect items during transport and prevent damage. Our packing materials include bubble roll/wrap, nails, masking tape, clear tapes, brown tapes, plastic sheets, shrink wrap films, styrofoam, tarpaulin, steel strap, PPE straps, bird net, OSB boards, softwood and hardwood, and plywood.

We also provide preservation packing materials that enable corrosion and moisture prevention. Our preservation packing materials include VPCI film, VPCI powder, aluminium barrier, heat shrink film, VPCI lamina, intercept sheet, and heat shrink tape.

Lifting Material

We also provide high quality lifting materials that are used to lift and move heavy items during cargo and transportation. Our lifting equipment includes polystyrene flat webbing sling, lifting shackle, chain sling, soft round sling/polystyrene grommet, wire rope sling, truck lifting gear, container spreader, modular lifting beams, and crane mats.

Lashing Material

Our lashing materials include steel wire, lashing extension handle, ratchet tie down, tension lever, lashing chain, turnbuckle, steel wire rope, wire clip for wire ropes, car lashing, D ring, lashing shackle, load binder, load binder chain, and wheel choking.

checking inventory of trading materials for packing, securing, lashing ang lifting services

Packing materials

bubble rool

Bubble Roll

coiled nails


masking tape

Masking Tape

clear tapes

Clear Tapes

brown tapes

Brown Tapes

plastic sheets

Plastic Sheets

shrink wrap films

Shrink Wrap films





steel strap

Steel Strap

ppe packing strap

PPE Strap

bird net

Bird Net

osb boards

OSB Boards

softwood hardwood

Softwood and Hardwood




vpci film


vpci powder

VPCI Powder

aluminium barrier (vaccum packing)

Aluminium Barrier (Vaccum Packing)

heat shrink film

Heat Shrink Film

vpci lamina

VPCI Lamina



heat shrink wrap tape

Heat Shrink Tape

Lifting materials

polystyrene flat webbing sling

Polystyrene Flat Webbing sling

lifting shackle

Lifting Shackle

chain sling

Chain sling

soft round sling / polystyrene grommet

Soft Round sling / Polystyrene Grommet

wire rope sling

Wire rope sling

truck lifting gear

Truck Lifting Gear

container spreader (20ft and 40ft)

Container Spreader (20ft and 40ft)

modular lifting beams

Modular Lifting beams

crane mats

Crane Mats

Lashing materials

steel wire

Steel wire

lashing extension handle

Lashing Extension handle

ratchet tie down

Ratchet tie down

tension lever

Tension lever

lashing chain

Lashing chain



steel wire rope

Steel wire rope

wire clip for wire rope

Wire clip for Wire rope

car lashing

Car lashing

d ring

D ring

lashing shackle

Lashing Shackle

load binder


load binder chain

Load binder Chain

wheel choking

Wheel choking


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