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Intercept Packaging for Anti-Corrosion Protection for Up To 2-5 Years

Protect your metallic products from corrosion under all environmental conditions for a long time with our volatile and oil free intercept packaging solutions.

A New Generation of Corrosion Prevention Packing

Intercept packaging technology was developed by Lucent Technologies and Bell Laboratories in 1984 and is patented worldwide. In intercept packaging, high surface area copper particles are permanently reacted into a plastic matrix and then allowed to react with all corrosive gases as they try to penetrate the film or bag. As a result, the packaging protects all materials from corrosion under all environmental conditions equally. The packaging material is volatile and oil free.

Intercept packaging provides guaranteed anti-corrosion protection for up to 2 - 5 years depending on the storage conditions.

Intercept technology packaging is a new generation of corrosion prevention packing which provides an active protection for all materials. It consists of special high surface area copper particles which are chemically fixed to the polymer-matrix of the product. 

Several protective functions are combined in one product including:

  • Neutralization of present corrosive gases and migrating gases
  • Protection similar to a sacrificial “Anode” for electrochemical processes
  • Natural function against Bio-corrosion of Metals. Intercept packaging neutralizes corrosive gases which are present inside the package (approx. 60 minutes) and those gases which permeate through.
  • These gases are permanently bound with the copper particles. Since there will not be any migration of particles, there cannot be any contact reaction between the goods and/or workers.
  • Even minor perforations do not limit the performance of Intercept products.
intercept (anti-corrosion) packing
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