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Lashing and Securing of Oversized Break Bulk Cargo

Our team of lashing, welding and carpentry experts can help you with lashing and securing of over-sized break bulk cargo on barges and vessels.

Lashing and Securing on Vessels, Barges, Submersibles, and More.

For lashing and securing of break bulk cargo on vessels, barges, submersibles, landing crafts, etc, we have professional lashing, welding and carpentry crew available 24 x 7 x 365 equipped with certified materials and tools ready to be deployed at your request.

We can perform lashing calculation, lashing material estimation and provide competitive pricing for your breakbulk cargo securing operations.

The following items are available with us at any time to quickly assist you with deliveries at any port.

  1. Lashing Chains, Wire Ropes, Belts and its related securing gears.
  2. Hardwood & White Wood Dunnage (With ISPM 15 Heat Treatment/
  3. Cargo Stoppers and Plates.
  4. D-Rings & Pad-Eyes for Lashing Points.

In addition to this, certified welding crew with equipment and consumables are also available to perform any welding operation required for your cargo.

We have sufficient crew to perform our services in multiple holds at the same time thereby saving you time and money while alongside at any Port.

List of a few of the cargo for which we provide lashing and securing:

  • Mega Sized Yachts
  • Aluminum Ingots
  • Steel Coils
  • Wind Mills
  • Steel Structures
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Oil Rig Parts

We can even provide welding of D rings on requirement of lashing points on barges and vessels.

lashing of cargo on barge and vessels services
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