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our packing services and solutions

Reliable & Economical Packaging Company in India and Dubai

We can help you save shipping, handling, and freight costs with our innovative, safe, and sustainable seaworthy packing solutions.

Hassle-Free and Safe Seaworthy Packing

Moving industrial goods from one location to another can be tedious especially when you have to ensure the safety and security of your goods while reducing your overall shipping and handling costs.

That’s what we, at Pronk Multiservice, have been doing for the last 4 decades. We have been saving our clients’ millions of dollars with our smart and innovative industrial packing solutions.

That’s what makes us a preferred packaging company in India and Dubai for businesses in various industries including oil and gas, shipping, vessel owners and operators, power & energy, heavy engineering, automotive, pharmaceutical, aeronautical & aviation, storage, etc. to name a few.

Whether you are moving industrial goods domestically or internationally, through road, air or sea, our packing can withstand any situation and keeps your goods safe until they reach their destination.

Seaworthy Packing Solutions

From wooden packaging boxes to corrugated packaging boxes through to honeycomb pallets and heat shrink wrapping, our packaging company in Dubai and India does it all. Here’s a list of all our packing solutions:

  1. Customized wooden boxes & pallets
  2. Triple-wall & corrugated packing solutions
  3. Heat shrink wrapping
  4. Long term preservation packing (anti-corrosive solution)
  5. Vacuum packing (aluminium barrier or anti-corrosive packing)
  6. VCI foil packing / VPCI (anti-corrosive packing)
  7. Liftvan boxes (specially designed for relocation cargo & storage)
  8. Honeycomb pallets & boxes
  9. Oil rig packing
  10. Dry-ice packing
  11. and more customized seaworthy packing solutions

A Packaging Company That Secures Cargo 

A good packaging company should consider these aspects while coming up with industrial packing solutions - securing, cost-effectiveness, transport and handling worthiness, and optimized storage space. We are proud to say that we take care of all these aspects every single time we work on any project - and that’s what makes us a trusted packaging company in India and Dubai.

We have the expertise and capability to cater to your unique industrial packing needs. Our prime focus is to provide durable, strong, sustainable, reusable, and environment friendly packaging solutions - all while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind.

We understand that every client has unique packing requirements. Hence, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we come up with solutions based on what would work in a particular situation.

Here are just a few of the industrial goods that we have successfully and efficiently packed:

  1. Oddly shaped products
  2. Heavy and oversized products
  3. Structural steel, steel girders, etc.
  4. Vehicles, train coaches, and airplanes
  5. Low volume cargo
  6. Machines, manufacturing equipments, precision tools and components
  7. Metallic items (both ferrous and non-ferrous)
  8. Electronic items, automotive parts, furniture, consumer goods, textile, glass
  9. ATMs
  10. Dangerous goods like explosives, gases, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, toxic substances, and corrosives.

Have a project in mind? Get in touch with us to discuss your packing requirements and get customized solutions directly from our packing experts.

heat shrink packing of 32 column services

Packing & Securing services

Corrugated Packaging

VCI Packing

Dangerous Goods Packing

Specialized Triple Wall Packing

Palletisation & Bundling

Wooden Boxes and Skeleton Crating

Specialized Honeycomb Packing

Aluminium Barrier Packing (Vacuum Packing)

Customised packing

Intercept (Anti Corrosive Packing)

Heat Shrink Wrapping

Hood Boxing


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