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Efficient Packing Services

No doubt moving from one location to another can be tedious. However, planning everything just right can ease a lot of stress. When you engage the right packing services of your goods, it makes things easier. At Pronk Multiservice, we offer highly efficient packaging services designed to make moving easier, more comfortable, and less stressful for you. We pay careful attention to every detail, carefully and efficiently packing your possessions into boxes so that they are protected. We ensure that your fragile possessions are kept safe during delivery. No matter what packing services you need, we are equipped to provide top-level solutions using industrial-grade packaging materials for a smarter, more efficient way to move your goods.

Custom Packaging Services

Our team of packing professionals is available to provide the best industrial packing services for your needs. We have a flexible range of packages, each specifically crafted to meet your packing needs. Our broad range of services includes packing and packaging services, securing solutions, and top-grade industrial packaging materials. Our custom packing solutions are designed to provide customized packing that is crafted to meet your needs. We offer efficient packaging services that are perfect for industrial packaging. We are fully equipped to deliver exceptional packing services of any kind. Get in touch with us today for avant-garde packing service solutions.

heat shrink packing of 32 column services

Packing & Securing services

Corrugated Packaging

VCI Packing

Dangerous Goods Packing

Specialized Triple Wall Packing

Palletisation & Bundling

Wooden Boxes and Skeleton Crating

Specialized Honeycomb Packing

Aluminium Barrier Packing (Vacuum Packing)

Customised packing

Intercept (Anti Corrosive Packing)

Heat Shrink Wrapping

Hood Boxing


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