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All About Lifting Materials- Meaning, Types, Benefits, & Uses

Lifting material

What are “Lifting Materials”?

Lifting materials or Material lifts are portable aerial platforms. It provides inexpensive remedies to install, lift and position various materials. One must thoroughly understand the material lifts concept and its uses. After this only, you will be able to provide good suggestions to the rental customers for meeting their job site requirements.

Lifting materials are generally very effective and require low maintenance. It has numerous additional advantages. The Lifting Services reduce the risk of injuries as they do all the heavy lifting material labor for the operators. These lifting materials are very convenient and vibrant and can be customized according to the individual client’s needs. Understanding your sweat, hard work, and safety, we have come up with top-notch lifting materials. Being the leading packaging company in India, we strive to deliver the best services to our clients. 


Types of Lifting Services

Here are the different types of lifting services –

Aircraft Engine Lifting                           Boat Lifting                            Bus Lifting

  • Goods-only lift: These are the larger goods lifts & can load up to 3000 kgs. Generally, it’s provided in the form of a stand-alone structure. 

  • Heavy goods/passenger lifts: With its competitive capabilities & heightened finishing results, it’s used to load heavy pieces of machinery & related equipment like cars, theater equipment, airplanes, etc.  

  • Service lifts and small goods lift: They are light-duty lifts & have a load capacity between 50 kg to 500 kg, varying according to micro lifts & custom-built trolley lifts. It’s best for transporting eateries like food & drinks, office & dental appliances to barrels, tiny goods & vast cartons. 

  • Bucket elevator: Bucket elevators are connected to the extensive chain/belt loop to shift continuously. It’s best for pushing & raising the free and semi-free-flowing materials. 

  • Lifting hoists & overhead cranes: The overhead crane has parallel beams and a traveling bridge. The lifting hoist assists in lifting, balancing & walking materials through the bridge. 

  • Belt conveyors: Enables the transportation of huge loads through belts/runways similar to moving walkways. 

  • Pallet truck: Pallets are a manual lifting device commonly used in retail stores, warehouses & store rooms. It has wheels for lifting and moving around pallets.

  • Forklift truck: It has sturdy composition and heavyweight plus big-size materials lifting capabilities. 


Customized Lifting Solutions

Lifting Materials

Generally, the overall manufacturing & designing of our loading platforms & cranes are held in-house. Due to this reason, we can deliver custom lifting solutions that uniquely meet your industrial requirements. If you cannot discover the essential solutions that match your current condition, then let us know your needs and avail yourself of the customizable lifting solutions. We also offer a standard range of equipment so that you can easily lift, move & carry cumbersome items like blades, nacelles, blades, and other unsafe components. Being one of the best packaging companies in India, we offer end-to-end customized lifting services encompassing supply, design, manufacture & installation.


Benefits of the Lifting Services

Lifting services have multiple benefits, as mentioned below –

Heavy Equipment Lifting

  • Versatile: Various alternatives allow the smooth lift customization to be used universally. 
  • Lifting Work: It saves you from lifting heavy materials by doing everything on its own. 
  • Portable, Pocket-Friendly & Compact: Due to its easily foldable & fitting features, one can load it through a van to their job site. 
  • Simplicity: With no requirement for additional setup, you can easily use them.


Uses of the Lifting Services

Lifting services have multiple uses, as mentioned below –

  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Landscaping


Irrespective of your industry, the Lifting Services act as a boon to various companies and vastly benefits them. It enables the optimum utilization of warehouse space & enhances the overall safety of an employee. The decision to purchase the Lifting services from one of the leading packaging companies in India will help you improve the safety & efficiency at offices. Our top-notch lifting materials ensure maximum productivity, manage finances & reduce waste. 

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