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Customized Packaging Service In Slanting Position To Fit In Reefer Container

customized packing and securing of reefer containter

Pronk Multiservice is one of the best packaging companies located in Dubai (United Arab Emirates – UAE), Amsterdam, (Netherlands), and Faridabad (Delhi & NCR – India) that offers a huge variety of packaging services.

It aces its field of packaging service by offering to deliver fragile, soft, delicate, and all types of packages with utmost security and safety. It has a wide range of options for delivering like Corrugated Packaging, VCI Packaging, Dangerous Goods Packaging, Specialized Tri Wall Packing, Palletisation and Bunding, Wooden Boxes, Skeleton Crating, Specialized honeycomb Packing, Aluminium Barrier (Vacuum Packing), Customized Packaging, Intercept (Anti Corrosive Packing), Heat Shrink Wrapping, and Hood Boxing.

Talking about the company’s USP, it has customized packaging in a slanting position to fit in reefer containers. The reefer container is a short name for Refrigerator Container that is used for keeping the cargo at the required and suitable temperature. The packing service and delivering of every smallest to the largest package is done with genuine work of sincerity and safety.

These special packing services are extremely useful in packing the most sensitive equipment of the factory in wooden boxes with an added benefit of VCI packing and cushioning foams as our packing materials. The VCI packing is done for saving the packages from corrosion (since it’s Anti-corrosion in nature) while the cushioning foams are placed to prevent impact or damage of any kind to the cargo.

The wooden boxes of brilliant qualities are used to protect the packages and ensuring their safe arrival at their respective destinations. The quality of these wooden boxes is also placed high on our priority lists.

The problem arising in the packaging service along with the reefer container was that its inner height was not allowing the above-mentioned factory equipment and machine to be packed or loaded vertically. But there is an innovative solution that we have come up with. We figured out a plan that could support our actions of tilting and loading the panels in a slanting position of approximately 30 or 40-degree angle with which it could then fit the reefer.

We successfully pulled off this customized slanting packaging service and delivered the shipment with no causalities to Egypt. The customer feedback about the shipment was extremely positive. This method was proven to of utmost significance, efficiency, and use. All aspects of the safety measures in the process of packing were taken care of very delicately with no loopholes. It cut down in budget for the customer, with increased safety precautions, efficient delivery, and best packaging services.

This slant method became a cost-effective, efficient, and the most practical solution for our customers and it was very well received. It became a unique way of shipment that we pioneered as it was offered, tested, and successfully carried out by none until then.

The strong combination of packing services that included the VCI packaging plus wooden boxes, ensured the quality and delivery of the equipment was smooth and hassle-free. This technique is not yet adopted by many and we take pride in being one of its pioneers.

This success of the customized slant method brings the spotlight on the Pronk Multiservice’s trademark that is the high value of jobs and processes carried out with the highest levels of achievable accuracy.

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