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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Pack Goods Properly With Container Lashing


Introduction: What is Container Lashing?

Container lashing is a technique for securing containers jointly over the board ships. In this process, at the time of container loading over ships, we secure it to the structure of a ship & container positioned beneath it. It uses twist-locks, lashing rods, turnbuckles, etc., to accomplish it. It safeguards the containers during rough weather. In the shipping industry, container ships could carry up to 15,000 containers with powerful technology. Here eight or more container stacks are lashed together, establishing a long series. Approach us to find the right packing solution, as we are one of the leading packaging companies in India and a highly recognized packing company in Dubai.

What is the Purpose of using Container Lashing?

Water, waves, heavy wind, inappropriate container securing, synchronous vessel rolling, and containers’ structural integrity lead to containers collapsing. The purpose of container lashing here is to keep their crew members, team, and the ship along with the cargo protected from any damage at the time of sailing towards the higher seas. To accomplish the overall safety, stringent processes & protocols are followed. Here, turnbuckles, lashing rods, and twist-locks are used for securing the containers to a ship. The process is mandatory to follow, so containers stick to their place and don’t fall overboard during uncertain situations like heavy winds and rough seas. If you have just entered overseas and are looking for the best packaging companies in Dubai, then look no more, as we are here to serve you.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Pack Goods Properly With Container Lashing

Here is the step-by-step guide on packing goods appropriately using the container lashing –

Step 1: In the first step, you must attach hooks at every vertical’s ending point.

Step 2: In the container, bail to all the lashing points. All the moveable belts need to be brought in a state resembling your cargo & closer to the container doors.

Step 3: Load the compact cargo units or container few ship pallets.

Step 4: Further to the above step, you can add the Serb dunnage airbags in the container lashing. They are placed within the cargo gaps & compressed air is used to inflate them.

Step 5: The bag tightens the cargo against the container walls. It makes the cargo immobile from its position.

Step 6: The individual who locked the container lashing previously draws all belts in one place & a metal buckle is attached to it.

 Step 7: Use the central hole for sending the settling belt & for making a loop of it.

Step 8: Put it in the side hollow & the same direction. From a central hole, the belt needs to be pushed backward.

Step 9: Use the above way for applying to the second side. Grab the belt & fasten it tightly.

Step 10: You must apply the lower side belt to the Breville few of the tensioner. The upper belt needs to be used inside the wrench.

Step 11: Do the tensioning process till the time cargo gets fixed.

Step 12: Make sure that the cargo doesn’t get damaged while performing the above process. This way, your cargo gets secured.


Despite the proper weather forecasting, it sometimes could take a turn nobody has thought about! Such unpredictable weather conditions lead to disastrous events even if you have followed every boarding protocol & precaution. Well-designed route plan in advance, along with the alert & active behaviour of the team crew during uncertain situations, solves the problem faster. It further assures you of having a victorious voyage. Searching for the best packaging company in UAE & India has become easy. Being the leading packing solutions provider in India, like container lashing, we serve all your needs. Our firm uses top-quality packing materials for 100% customer satisfaction.

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