About Pronk Multiservice

Pronk Multiservice is a specialist in complete cargo securing systems for lashing, securing, loading, and unloading of cargo on various modes of transport (sea, air and/or road). We provide a wide range of supplementary services that include restraint, packing & cleaning materials, as well as skilled labour for its various projects. With a small highly trained and committed team, “Can’t” or “Don’t” is not part of our vocabulary.


Our History

In 1975, Ruud Pronk, a sea farer, came ashore after 15 years at sea. He began working for a company that provided lashing services on board vessels in the port of Amsterdam. Demand for professional lashing services grew and the Port companies and stevedores were determined that only Ruud carry out their work. This led him to set up OVEC Multiservice with two other experts, where they commenced training new staff to meet the precise demands of the companies. Ruud eventually parted ways and went on to create Pronk Multiservice in 1991 with his friend Ron de Wit.

As soon as his sons, Steven and Marcel, could walk, Ruud began taking them on weekends to the port where he worked 7 days a week. Once the boys turned 18, they began working in the port after school hours. On completion of their studies both immediately began fulltime work in the company. They worked their way up to Foreman at a very young age. In 1999, Ruud & Ron thought it would be a good time to retire and hand over the reins to the boys.

Steven and Marcel took over management of the company and began to chart a new course of expansion of both product line and global presence. They began building warehouses and procured large overhead cranes. They further went into Asia to source and create their own import line of lashing and lifting materials. Moving forward they bought a company in Belgium to cater to the growing demands in the region for their services.

In 2006 while looking for new opportunities, they decided to branch out into the UAE market by operating from Dubai. This resulted into further expansion across India having offices in { Faridabad (Delhi & NCR), Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Nagpur, Siri City (TADA) } and progressing towards to add new mile stones.

Pronk Multiservice continues to grow due to the reputation it has created over the past 4 decades as a specialist known for its high-end services, uncompromising quality, and an impeccable on-time delivery of services and products.