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  • Boat Lashing
  • Lashing Cargo on Flat racks
  • Car Lashing
  • Lashing Container vessels
  • Lashing & Lifting Materials
  • Lashing of Project Cargo
  • Lashing Breakbulk cargo on container vessels
  • Skidding & Pipe Lashing
  • Lashing Cargo inside Shipping Line Containers

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Pronk Multiservice is a specialist in complete cargo securing systems for lashing, securing, loading, and unloading of cargo on various modes of transport (see, air and/or road). We provide a wide range of supplementary services that include restraint, packing & cleaning materials, as well as skilled labour for its various projects. With a small highly trained and committed team, “Can’t” or “Don’t” is not part of our vocabulary. We are the number one providers of container lashing Dubai, container lashing gear, flat rack lashing, modular lifting beams, modular spreader beams, pipe lashing, project cargo lashing, project cargo securing, spreader beam rental and vacuum packing.Our History In 1975, Ruud Pronk, a sea farer, came ashore after 15 years at sea. He began working for a company that provided lashing services on board vessels in the port of Amsterdam. Demand for professional lashing services grew and the Port companies and stevedores were determined that only Ruud carry out their work. This led him to set up OVEC Multiservice with two other experts, where they commenced training new staff to meet the precise demands of the companies. Read More

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  • The Annual Award for the Best Logistics ... New Delhi – India , 2015-03-17 Pronk is the proud winner of the Annual Award for the Best L...

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    An Italy-based global leader in designing and construction of components & systems for natural gas control, metering and treatment chose Pronk Multiservice for our world-renowned and Number 1 Preservative Packaging Services to fool proof its range of research & development related products and services. Partnering with Pronk Multiservice enables this Italian giant to stay abreast with the needs of its customers in a highly systematic and seamless manner.
    The Preservative Packaging Service that comes with an 18 months warranty, comprised of the corrugated, anti-corrosive Intercept Technology to secure the innovative products ranging from filtering, separation and dehydration, to heating, metering and gas control. The non-desiccant two-layered intercept used for the packing service was 200 microns thick of which the inner layer was made of shrink film and the outer layer being that of power shrink film UV.
    The packed goods consisting of, but not limited to twenty two skids were 14.5 meters long, 4 meter wide and 5.1 meters tall were efficiently shipped to Iraq and reached the destination scratch-proof and as preserved as it gets!

    Pronk Multiservice looks forward to serving our clients in-keeping with our robust customer-focused values.

    The Annual Award for the Best Logistics Solution Provider – Packaging Brought Home by Pronk Multiservice this Year!

    Pronk is the proud winner of the Annual Award for the Best Logistics Solution Provider – Packaging at the Northern India Multi-Modal Logistic Award -2015 on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 held at Le Meridien Hotel, Delhi.

    The prestigious award ceremony was attended by Mr. Marcel Pronk (Managing Director – UAE region) and Mr. Shailender Anand (Managing Director – India region) among a few other honorable members of the organization and notable professionals of the industry based across India.

    The victory further certifies Pronk’s staunch commitment towards providing only the best of the best to its customers and prioritizing to meet their customized requirements in a consistent manner now and always!

    Pronk Multiservice Supplied Hi-Quality Wood Crane Mats to a Loyal Customer

    The unprecedented leader in the cargo services industry – Pronk Multiservice recently supplied Mora hard wood crane mats made in house to a well know crane company in the middle east region .   We have our own stock of wood and can make any size mats as per client requirement and offer on sales and rental basis.

    Premium Lifting Equipment Supplied by Pronk Multiservice

    Pronk Multiservice provided 20’ft and 40’ft container spreaders to one of our valuable clients for handling of shipments at Oil and Gas sector in Abu Dhabi .We stock GL approved container spreaders in our facility and can be given on rental as well as sales basis.

    Anti-Corrosive Packing Services offered for Preservation of cargo for a large group dealing in Oil and Gas Sector

    A large group dealing in oil & gas industry availed specialized packing services for protection of their cargo from anti corrosion at final site for duration of 2 years after reaching the final destination.

    The dedicated and trained to the core team of skilled professionals at Pronk Multiservice once again proved that prioritizing customers’ satisfaction and fulfilling of all their requirements in relevance to the ordered products & services builds strong business bonds.

    Well-Known Waters Management Firm Has Enjoyed the Ease & Professionalism of Pronk Multiservice’s Packaging Services

    Market leader in Water management technology sub contracted Pronk Multiservice for safe and secure packing of their units to be transported by road.

    A Prestigious Freight & Logistics Dealer Received Immaculate Lashing Services from Pronk Multiservice

    A prestigious freight & logistics dealer received immaculate services from Pronk Multiservice lately for customized lashing of numerous boats on FR.

    As always, client satisfaction was ensure to a 100% and service executed just as planned and in a timely, professional manner.

    Pronk Multiservice Offers Customized Packing and Lashing Solution to A Well-Known Water Sewage Solutions Provider

    Scope of work was to stabilize, pack and lash various water sewage system units for road transportation. Customized boxes of various sizes were made for the accessories by our skilled and professional team working continuously for 3 days to complete the task on time and as per client requirement. An array of corrugated packing services such as multiwrap etc. as well as palletizing was also offered.

    A Prestigious Logistics Leader Received Immaculate Lashing Services from Pronk Multiservice

    A prestigious logistics leader received immaculate lashing and securing services from Pronk Multiservice lately for bundling of five hundred plus pipes and lashing of them onto open top containers. As always, client satisfaction was ensure to a 100% and service executed just as planned and in a timely, professional manner.

    Pronk Multiservice Supplied Customized wooden packing solution to oil and gas industry

    The unprecedented leader in the cargo packing services industry – Pronk Multiservice recently extended customized wooden packing solution to oil and gas sector in Dubai, U.A.E. We are confident to cater to this market segment with our innovative solutions for packing which not only are cost efficient but also intact in foolproof manner.

    Well-Known Waters Purifier Firm Has Enjoyed the Ease & Professionalism of Pronk Multiservice Packaging Services

    Lately, a well-known water purifier firm has enjoyed the ease & professionalism of Pronk Multiservice packaging services. The service curtailed making of customized wooden boxes as per client requirement and on site packing of material for the sea shipment.

    Pronk Multiservice one stop shop for all your lifting & lashing equipment requirement anywhere on the globe

    Where ever our valuable clients have a problem  they can count on Pronk Multiservice  to deliver a workable and cost effective solution .Keeping to this USP of our business we recently delivered at Shanghai port ,our lifting arrangement to one of our prestigious client vessel to handle loading of equipment weighing 600 Tons ,350 Tons and 90 Tons .Not only our clients have the option of returning the equipment at any U.A.E ports ,Indian ports or European ports they can count on us as reliable partner to deliver the lashing and lifting equipment anywhere globally and on time.

    Customized Tri-wall Packaging solutions provided by Pronk Multiservice to Auto Industry

    Innovative Tri-wall packing solution was provided to a global leader in vehicle manufacturing for packing auto parts as replacement for traditional wooden packing to our valuable client looking for cost efficient solution for their shipment. We not only can provide the packing material made in house in our state of the art manufacturing plant but also the manpower provided to complete the job on site.

    Pronk Multiservice Offers Innovative Corrugated Packaging Solution

    Pronk Multiservice believes in being the market leader for innovative packaging solutions in order to service the client as per their need and requirement. We offered our Tri-wall packaging solution replacing traditional wooden packing which benefits the client in terms of reduced weight and green solution to the packing requirement.

    An International Relocation Company offered Lift Van Packing solution from Pronk Multiservice

    An international relocation company lately availed high-quality packing goods from Pronk Multiservice. The supplies mainly comprised of Liftvan boxes in dimensions of 246cm x 152cm x224cm and 18mm Malaysian plywood. All the required goods were delivered to the client in a timely manner and the order fully complied with the high standards they expected.

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