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  • November 27, 2018, Fujairah
    Lashing, Securing and Packing of a Helicopter Fuselage for Air Freight Shipping

    Pronk was awarded a valuable business opportunity again from a prestigious customer to offer Lashing and securing of a Helicopter’s fuselage onboard a trailer for local transport between Fujairah and Sharjah airports and then to perform an airworthy packing of the fuselage unit to ship it out of UAE. And the entire operation was carried out on a single day.
    We offered a professional lashing and securing service to the unit using Pronk’s very own certified lashing materials and trained team with a temporary tarpaulin packing for local transport. The team escorted the fuselage unit unto it’s next drop point in Sharjah International Free Zone where the unit was un lashed by our team and Heat Shrink Wrapping was carried out on the unit by our same team soon after which the unit was shipped out by air.
    It was indeed a precision scheduled operation since the fuselage unit had to be air freighted urgently. We carried out this operation with our experience in performing similar jobs in the past and ability to consistently offer the same level of service at all times to win our customer’s trust.

  • July 19, 2018, Dubai
    Heat Shrink Wrapping of Special Packages

    One specialized service of Pronk Multiservice is Heat Shrink Wrapping where-in we were provided a great opportunity by two of our prestigious customers, one from the Oil & Gas equipment Manufacturing industry to wrap their 20 meter long pressure vessel” and another from the aviation industry to wrap their “ TR Unit ”as they trusted in our products which were suggested by our professionally trained and experienced team of packaging engineers.

  • May 15, 2018, Dubai
    Preservation packaging for sea fright

    Pronk was offered the opportunity to arrange Preservation Packaging of a 12 ton Power Transformer Unit and thereafter lashing of the packed unit on a Flat Rack.

    The unit was vacuum packed with a calculated amount of Silica Desiccants and secured onto a Heavy Duty Wooden Pallet by bolting and belt lashing. Thereafter the crate sides were built onto the pallet and sealed to meet sea-worthy packaging specification advised by the customer.

    Due to Pronk’s varied expert services related to logistics support, we were also able to offer lashing and securing of the wooden box on a Flat-Rack. The lashing was uniquely performed using slings and chains to ensure the safety and integrity of the wooden box during it’s voyage.

  • May 14, 2018, Dubai

    PRONK MULTISERVICE is offering Rental and Sale of these specialized Truck Lifting Gears which are very convenient and practical to use because they are always in “Ready to Use” condition. A certified and competent lifting team with comprising of Engineers and Riggers are also available for your perusal. One special reason to always choose our services is because we are willing to go that additional mile to offer you a satisfactory service and likely we also assist in delivering these units to anywhere in the world at your request.

  • April 10, 2018, Abu Dhabi
    Sea-worthy lashing and securing

    Heavy lifting, loading and Lashing of a Kalmar forklift weighing 28 ton on a 40’ Flat-Rack  was carried out by Pronk for a prestigious freight forwarding customer.

    The Additional  pressure down lashings are done to meet DP World  standards. Thereby as a proof that Pronk can cater both to international and local standard.

  • March 8, 2018, Dubai
    Lashing of BOP unit

    A 17 ton BOP unit was lashed on a Flat-Rack as per International Maritime Standards using a combination of Lashing Chains, Webbing Belts and Heat Treated Wooden bridge stands for weight spreading and cargo stability.

  • February 28, 2018, Ras Al Khaimah
    Heat shrink wrapping of 32 meter column

    Successfully completed heat shrink wrapping of 32 meter column for a premium customer for preservation and further transportation purpose.

  • December 22, 2017, Dubai
    Customized packing in slanting position to fit in Reefer container

    Packing of Sensitive factory equipment’s in wooden box with VCI packing ( for Anti-corrosion )  and cushioning foams to avoid any kind of impact to the cargo. As the inner height of Reefer container does not allow vertical loading of above machine, we have planned to load the panels at slanting position approx 30-40 Degree angle. The shipment is to Egypt and all the safety measures was taken during the packing.

    This gave the customer a cost effective shipping solution in a unique way like none other.

    High value jobs done with high accuracy is Pronk’ s trademark.

  • December 12, 2017, Dubai
    An Out-of-the-box idea for an Out-of-Gauge Cargo

    Pronk Multiservice was approached by a Customer from the freight forwarding industry with a challenge of shipping Dumper truck units on Flat Racks. The engineering team at Pronk designed an out-of-the-box plan to load the truck head into the dumper unit thereby containing both truck head and trailer part on a single falt-rack and the Loading and Lashing scope was awarded to Pronk.

    Pronk arranged the lifting gears required for the arrangement (Spreader Beams, Slings and Shackles) on Rental basis and executed the loading operation with military precision and thereafter all units were lashed as per International Maritime standards for a safe voyage.

    This gave the customer a cost effective shipping solution in a unique way like none other.

    Again just a regular day of business execution at Pronk Multiservice where challenges are resolved with ideas.

  • November 19, 2017, Dubai
    Prototype Helicopter Packing and lashing

    Pronk Multiservice carried out this comprehensive Vacuum Packing of a Prototype Helicopter Unit and was also awarded the Lashing service to secure the unit on a Flat-Rack for its safe voyage after the recently concluded 2017 edition of Dubai Air Show.