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8 Advantages of Vacuum Packing


What is Vacuum Packing?

Vacuum packing is used to pack items by removing air before sealing them. It saves the product from getting destroyed & is one of the most profitable alternatives to keep your products fresh for the long term. There are several packaging companies in India that provide packing solutions. Vacuum Packing is widely used in commercial and residential areas for food preservation. It’s often technically regarded as the MAP-modified atmosphere packaging. Such a packing solution modifies the exterior climatic conditions giving a new safe environment to the product. We are one of the top-notch packaging companies in India. Feel free to rely upon us for all of your Vacuum Packing requirements.

How can we use Vacuum Packing for our material?

Aluminum foil barrier vaccum packaging

Flush air from the package & displace it with the gas mix. Pour the right mixture of oxygen into the inert gasses like nitrogen during the sealing process. Choose a suitable vacuum pouch for your material to have elegant and professional packing. Once you seal the package, monitoring gas leakage gets easier to assure product quality. Consider product size, price, requirements, production levels, and product sizes for safety. It would help if you also had the external compressors & external gas tanks to ensure food safety. For the top-notch retained quality, use the transparent vacuum bag.

Top 8 Advantages of Vacuum Packing

Here are the topmost Vacuum Packing benefits –

1. Retained Original Taste:

Vacuum cartons keep the original nutritional value of food for a long time. The authentic taste, texture & flavor of food is conserved using it. Moreover, it saves the food from dehydrating while maintaining its natural odor.

2. Saves Money:

What’s better than purchasing bulk foods all at once in discounted offers & keeping them intact for days to use later? Well, it’s pretty much possible using vacuum bags. You save a lot of money while buying food as there is no spoiling or damage.

3. Improved Product Presentation:

The food looks fresh and hygienic using it and other sealers. It also adheres to the HACCP standards. Transparent vacuum sealers allow the customers to pre-check food conditions & hygiene before purchasing it.

4. Increased Shelf Life:

The overall shelf life of the food increases by 3 to 5 times using vacuum seals, unlike plastic packets. The time you should keep your product under the vacuum sealer varies based on the pantry, freezer, and refrigerator.

5. No Chemical Preservatives Required:

Other types of food storage tools use the preservatives to keep the food intact, fresh & safe. With the help of vacuum packaging sealers, you can neglect the need for chemical preservatives.

6. Quick and Efficient Packaging:

The space occupied by containers is enormous, which makes it challenging to store other food. Vacuum bag packaging is simple & effective as it occupies the least space where entire food gets easily stacked together.

7. Marinate Meat:

Vacuum bags help marinate the meat while adding multiple spices & flavours to your food. All the delicious flavours get packed inside the seal, keeping it safe to eat for weeks.

8. Sealed Barrier From External Elements:

Inappropriate sealing or non-sealing items leads to dust particles entering inside your food. But, when you close it using the vacuum bags, the product stays safe from harmful external particles like insects, moisture, dust, etc. It saves you from having food poisoning, stomach ache, and acne problems.

What’s better than increasing the product durability and reducing the commodity loss? Yes, that’s possible by using the Vacuum Packing supplied by us. It not only helps in increasing the shelf life but also keeps the product new as if you bought it today. Avail of the best packing solutions from us at an affordable price. Consult us today to get more information on this matter!

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