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Pros & Cons of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging

According to one of the 2008 marketing studies, suitable packaging of items creates a substantial positive impact on the destined customer. Corrugated packaging has two primary ingredients, i.e., liners and fluting, providing the hard-layered outer structure’s safety proof. It keeps items safe from external dust and moisture by providing resistance and rigidity. These are generally viable in multiple states and sizes. 

Every business, irrespective of any product, requires the utmost satisfactory and safe packaging while commuting the product items from the source to the destination point. Also, your list of refunds would touch the sky if a customer received a product in bad condition. Our relevant experience has made us one of the most reliable packaging companies in India. We are responsible, trustworthy, and efficient. Our firm uses quality assured packing materials to meet your individual needs.

The Pros of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging

Here are the pros of corrugated packaging: 

  • Cost-Effective: Cardboard cartons are generally pocket-friendly. You can expect to get some reasonable offers or discounts when you purchase it in bulk. Moreover, you can also save a lot on your delivery expenses as cardboard shipping cartons can be placed flat. The renewable material and recycling features allow for the saving of many environmental costs. 


  • Numerous Sealing Alternatives: You can use quality glue, tape, and staples to pack your cartons. Many eCommerce businesses use WAT—Water Activated Tape—to create a safe and robust seal. 


  • Good Strength: Compared to multiple existing packaging, the corrugated packaging holds an excellent strength to weight ratio. Their outer material is hard and rigid enough to keep the item inside of it safely. It doesn’t break, tear out, or crack easily until and unless the weather is terrible. 


  • Environmental Friendly: The cardboard containers are made up of renewable substances. It makes them environment friendly as well as sustainable in use. Moreover, you can recycle them further once they’re used and renovate them into new shipping cardboard. Used cardboard is collected from people and recycled through a significant transformation process in factories. 


  • Easy to Store: After purchasing these cardboard cartons from the verified vendor, you can easily store them for a prolonged time. There is no duration specified for using these cartons as they don’t come with an expiry date. They stay safe for months. You need to keep it away from water, as it can get damaged entirely by any fluid. 


The Cons of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging

Here are the cons of corrugated packaging by the best packaging companies in India


  • Space for Bulk Purchase: Going for the bulk purchase is a good idea until and unless you realise that additional storage space is required. It would help if you prepared for the godowns where these items can be stored for immediate future usage. 


  • Additional Sealing Task: Cardboard cartons are not self-sufficient and ready for shipping. You need to do a different task of sealing it with tape, glue, and WAT from the outside layer of the carton to ensure item safety during the journey. 


  • Doesn’t Support Too Bulky Items: Cardboard containers have a specific weight limit to which they can store items efficiently. Forcibly installing things inside it that are too heavy and out of its holding capacity might tear out the cardboard container. 


  • Affected by Weather Changes:Although these cardboards have good strength for average weights, they still can’t support sudden weather changes. Excessive snowfall and rain can damage, crush or dent the shipping cardboard carton. 


  • Recurring Need:The company would need to manufacture cardboard containers every day as these boxes go along with the delivery items and are not returned by customers. They are not like the rigid plastic shipping containers that can be reused. 

You are making a wise choice before the disaster! The Corrugated Packaging helps to fulfill your customized business & individual shipping needs. You remain assured that your product is safely wrapped under cardboard shipping cartons during the entire product shipping journey. It avoids product leakage, damage, and scratching. Please choose the best firm like us from the existing packaging companies in India to fulfill your packing solutions needs. Reach us now to avail the best packing solutions! 

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